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Noble Igwe discloses how he met his wife

Fashionista, blogger and 360nobs ceo Noble Igwe writes a very long story to mark his wedding anniversary and how he met his wife Chioma through a cousin of his who gave him her BBM pin.

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Matchmaking still works these days, since the person matchmaking the potential couple already knows both parties personality and therefore can tell if they will be good for each other or not. He wrote:

“Meeting Chioma. It was a Friday afternoon and I was at work when my brother-in-law called; Ned:Yo Nobs,something just crossed my mind.I think you’d like my cousin,she’s based in the UK but she’s totally your type. Let me ask her if it’s okay to give you her BBM pin. Nobs : Okay, sure but don’t make it look like I’m asking oO Ned: She’s a babe and she grew up in Aba too. Nobs : Ngwanu. Ned gave me Chioma’s pin, I added her,she accepted but I didn’t say anything. SAT Morning: Chioma: Who’s this? Nobs: Hey,Sorry my name is Noble and Ned gave me your pin but if you are not cool with me adding you, I’d just delete myself. Chioma: I think it would have been better to introduce yourself after adding me. Nobs: I’m sorry, my name is Noble Igwe . Chioma: Please what’s your real name ? It was that moment I knew she wasn’t going to be an easy fry. This picture was her BBM display picture and I saved it.”

In a follow up post, Noble Igwe wrote:

“Saturday Morning Nobs : The full name is Noble Chibuzor Igwe. Chioma: Oh nice. Kinda cute for an Igbo boy. In my head I was like. Kinda cute? Do you know me? have you not heard of me. Nobs: Thank You,Chichi Chioma: WOW! So fast . Chichi ? Let’s keep it at Chioma for now. Nobs: Okay. Are you the one in your DP? Chioma: Yes, why ? Nobs : You are pretty or maybe it’s the picture. Chioma: I’m the one. *in my mind, I was like —> see fine babe but I wasn’t so sure so” Nobs : Can I see another picture of you. Chioma : I’m about to step out so let me send you one. When I saw this picture of Chioma (image up)In a short skirt, I wanted to book a flight to England. Nobs : You are good looking. Chioma: Thank You. *But as a sharp boy I wanted to know how such a pretty girl will be single so I added* Nobs : It’s Saturday and I imagine you must have a lot guys lined up to take you out this weekend. Chioma : Sure It was that moment that I knew that I didn’t stand a chance. Do you know what I did next ?”

I didn’t want to seem like the one without action because as an Aba boy, you no suppose Mugu, so I said Nobs: I’m out tonight too but at least we have each other here now and we can talk once while we are out. Chioma: That’s Okay. *But the Obi Akpo in me wanted to know more so I threw in the normal Nigerian line. You know you can be chatting a girl up and her boyfriend will be replying you*

Nobs : I hope nobody will beak my head if I send you messages late at night or while you are on these dates? Chioma: if you are trying to ask if I’m seeing anyone at the moment,the answer is no but you also know that I have classes and may not always be here to respond to your messages. The conversation went on daily and we started sharing daily activities like “I’m on my way to work” ” I’m on my way to class right now” “What are you having for dinner” And then it gradually started looking like a relationship even though there was no asking out until one day when she randomly sent me this image on her way to school. *I was like” this babe is fine oO and I better make solid moves before she would think we are just BBM friends that share daily plans.* I didn’t know how to go about it until few days later when she asked me, Who did you write the letter to? I was lost for words but I had to tell her this …….. See said letter : Link in bio . ( Must Read)

Two people who were not born in the same house gets together to get married and start learning how to live together as husband and wife. For some people, they go from husband and wife to parents,for others, they stay just husband and wife. Years ago,we didn’t know one another,today we are parents but that’s not our biggest accomplishment. Our biggest and best decision was coming together in love, learning to navigate this tough life together as one,helping one another to reach new heights while striving to be the best parents. Chioma,I am not perfect but in the next 87 lives to come,I want to do this with you. Happy Anniversary,love. You are worth more than Gold,so manage the recharge card I sent. NB: The Story continues in the next post