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Deportivo Point Fortin trounce Club Sando Uprising


DEPORTIVO Point Fortin increased their unbeaten run in the 2019 Ascension Invitational Tournament to four matches after hammering Club Sando Uprising Youths 7-0 at their home grounds in Gonzales Village, Point Fortin on Saturday evening. Deportivo now have an impressive total of 25 goals in the league.

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It was a community rivalry as some players from both teams recently joined forces in the Community Football League (CFL) in April to represent the Guapo district of Point Fortin, and went on to win the league

Deportivo made the Guapo Recreational Grounds their playground, dominating possession throughout the first half. They were awarded a penalty in the 11th minute which was effortlessly taken by the Division Two top goalscorer Andrei Pacheco to put the visitors 1-0 up

The action became more intense in the second half as Uprising players and coaches alike were visibly frustrated, missing crucial chances to find the back of the net and displaying a lack of cohesion. Jeremiah Kesar put Deportivo 2-0 up just five minutes after the second half kicked off, and a bullet from Judah Garcia in the 56th minute made it 3-0

The Uprising defence continued to struggle, conceding two goals in two minutes by Adan Noel in the 71st and Nathaniel Garcia in the 73rd. Noel added his name to the scoresheet once more in the 88th, and Ezekiel Kesar finished it off with a power strike in the final minute of regulation time

Speaking with Newsday, Deportivo PF captain Hughton Hector said his team took advantage of all their chances, adding that a lack of organisation was Uprising’s downfall

“They didn’t have that structure of how and when to go forward and to keep the ball and how to play it back around. I think it had too much individual playing and we counter-attacked on that and came out with the victory,” Hector said

Coach Reynold Carrington told Newsday the team is aiming to upkeep its unbeaten run

He said, “I think it was a good game, it was a good community rivalry between two teams with a lot of quality but we came out on top today and we are grateful for the three points. I think the quality of our players showed today and in the final third, we took our chances and played with a lot of discipline.”

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