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Mandingo Road collapses after heavy rain

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Mandingo Road collapses after heavy rain

HEAVY rain overnight on Sunday caused further damage to the landslips along Mandingo Road, Princes Town.

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The road, which was already damaged, is now almost impassable

Commuters had to turn their vehicles around and seek alternative routes to work on Monday morning. Commuters from Cunjal, Realize Road and Lengua to Princes Town had to make a detour via the Moruga Road or the Barrackpore Road to get to Princes Town and San Fernando

Many blamed the present government, saying Moruga MP Lovell Francis had neglected his constituency

Taxi driver Kairool Mohammed said several stretches of the road had caved in.

The government has totally neglected to maintain the roads in this area over the past four years. When they fix the roads they do so by throwing loose materials and covering potholes,” Mohammed said. The government, he said, has turned its back on the people of the rural areas, who continue to suffer for basic needs

When contacted, Francis said even the most cursory research would highlight that the area falls under the Princes Town Regional Corporation (PTRC).

“For me to get anything done, I have to enlist the aid of my colleague (Local Government) Minister Kazim Hosein, which I have already done,” Francis said

Chairman of the corporation Gowrie Roopnarine said Mandingo Road fell under the Ministry of Works and Transport (MOWT)

“Some of the caved-in areas were repaired, but there are many parts that are still to be fixed,” Roopnarine said.

Councillor for the area Rafi Mohammed has written to the MOWT on numerous occasions about landslips on the road.

“Repair works were done on two major landslips, but there are four more major landslips which should be rebuilt in the Mandingo Road,” Mohammed said.

In reply to the complaints of him neglecting his constituency Francis said, “Do a survey of the constituency and see if your scientific survey of the views of the taxi drivers is correct.”

Later in the afternoon, Francis said his staff had visited Mandingo Road and cars were able to pass.

The normally busy road saw little or no traffic yesterday and the damaged area is yet to be repaired.