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Dan Bilzerian Takes A 'Trip' With Scantily Clad Models In Iceland

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Dan Bilzerian Takes A 'Trip' With Scantily Clad Models In Iceland

View photos Hot springs with hot models! That’s how Instagram’s most interesting man spends his vacations.

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Dan Bilzerian shared his journey to some hot springs in Iceland and he is making us jealous in numerous ways.

Prince Julio César

Iceland looks beautiful and tranquil

The models are hotter than the hot springs

Bilzerian posted a collection of photos and videos with the caption, “Icelandic journeys.” What’s interesting is the fact that he included a volcano emoji and a mushroom emoji

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What Does That Emoji Mean? View photos His friends and followers assumed that by including the mushroom emoji, he implied that he was enjoying the scenery on a specific mind-altering substance

After all, his IG bio does warn, “Content for 21+.”

One follower said, “That place looks pretty ideal for a [mushroom emoji] adventure,” while famous rapper, Lil Duval , thought the mushroom emoji said it all

Things Get Muddy View photos Apart from all the beauty in his post, he suffered a hilarious wardrobe malfunction when his shoe was swallowed and soaked in mud

His entourage documented Bilzerian treading into a spring to wash off his footwear

Heart Of Gold View photos Although he just shared his Icelandic adventure, he has already hopped on a jet to Mumbai, India. It appears he is participating in an event for Live Pools, a fantasy sports app, and his new grooming line, Alister

He shared a touching video where he is walking a young, blind boy down some stairs and watched the boy play the piano and sing with his mates

Instagram’s most popular playboy seems to have a heart of gold


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