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Mentorship programme coming to help reduce murders in St Ann

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Mentorship programme coming to help reduce murders in St Ann

Following a reduction of 21 per cent in the St Ann murder rate for 2021, compared to the previous year, Senior Superintendent of Police in charge of the parish, Dwight Powell, says the division will introduce additional measures in an effort to further reduce the figures.

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Citing that half of the 55 murders committed last year were domestic-related, Powell said the police would be “putting some significant resources behind settling those incidents”.

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To this end, he said a mentorship programme will be introduced as part of an overall increase in community interventions by the police.

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“We are going to be seeking volunteers to help to mentor our young people, to ensure that they have some positive role models to work with. We will replace the scammers, we will replace the gangsters with positive role models,” Powell said recently.

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“And so, (concerning) all station commanders in St Ann, one of the things we will do is to bridge our community intervention … our partnership. I have one of the best community safety and security sections in the island, and so community engagement will form a pivotal role in terms of what we are trying to accomplish for this year.”

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