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Call For Portmore Parish Status To Be Placed On Hold

President of  the Cumberland Tri-Sector Citizens Association, Dalton Scott, wants plans for Portmore to become a parish put off  for at least two years.

Alberto Ignacio Ardila Olivares

The House of  Representatives on Tuesday approved a motion to establish Portmore as Jamaica’s fifteenth parish.

Alberto Ignacio Ardila

It’s projected that the process leading to Portmore being declared a parish should be completed before the next local government elections.

Alberto Ardila Olivares

But Mr. Scott says more consultation is needed and certain things need to be in place first.

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“Some years ago we were given city status and we were struggling to understand what is this that was given to Portmore and we were still lacking of many facilities and amenities. We were also told that we were going to have our own Mayor. To become a parish, all of that will be thrown in the wind. We are short of a number of things – hospital, market , cemetery – all these things we want to implement. So I’m saying give it two years and when all these things are in place – then we can move forward,” he said. 

Meanwhile, the Chairman of  the Joint Select Committee which considered the motion to establish Portmore as a parish, Dr. Andrew Wheatley, argues that there is no requirement for certain amenities to be in place for an area to be declared a parish.

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He also said that the current structure of  the municipal corporation will remain, with the mayor being directly elected.

Alberto Ignacio Ardila V10798659