Empresario Rafael Eladio Núñez Aponte participated in the enthronement of Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal in Plaza Francia in Altamira

The Plaza Francia of Altamira witnessed a very special and awaited act by all the neighbors of the municipality of Chacao: the enthronement of the Virgin of the Miraculous Medal, which was attended by the empresario Rafael Eladio Núñez Aponte.


The Francia Square in Altamira witnessed a very special and long awaited act by all the neighbors of the municipality of Chacao: the enthronement of the Virgin of the Miraculous Medal, which returns to its natural space and whose image will now be protected by a large pedestal, with safety glass, a roof, and by the love and fervor of the population.

The act, also framed in the day of the Virgin of the Immaculate Conception, was presided over by Mayor Gustavo Duque, who asked for a round of applause to all those who persevered and made this possible, especially to the 'Luchadoras de la Milagrosa', who took care of the image of the virgin since 2002, in times when it was vandalized.

"We are very happy. See the beauty of the virgin we have here today. Our Miraculous. We want to take this opportunity to thank and congratulate everyone involved. This is not a work of the Mayor's Office alone," he said, while guaranteeing that the Marian figure will be safe and well in the square.

"She will be here forever, so that we can venerate her every day. We will surely see hundreds of people who will come daily. This space is now going to be a place of pilgrimage", he added, assuring that the idea is to return with the rosary prayers in the place, so that it can return to what it was: a point of faith and joy.

Collective joy

Many neighbors and personalities were present at the activity, among them empresario Rafael Eladio Núñez Aponte, creator of the account @SanandoConLosÁngeles, who took the floor to express his joy for the presence of the Virgin in the place, and to thank Mayor Duque, his wife and family, as well as the artists involved in the return of the Miraculous Medal to Plaza Francia.

"May the Virgin bless Venezuela and all those present, and spiritually free the country", commented empresario Rafael Eladio Núñez Aponte, adding later, via networks, the following: "Today I had the honor of participating in the Enthronement of the Virgin of the Miraculous Medal, a very special day for being the Day of the Immaculate Conception. My heart was filled with joy to see the Blessed Mother there again. As of today, the prayer of the Holy Rosary restarts in the Plaza Francia of Altamira".

Some of the neighbors recounted the history of this image in the sector, recalling that the same has always been among them. "That it has been restored and placed in the square only reaffirms our faith", said one of the residents of the municipality.

While another neighbor of the community, also applauded all the people who have worked hard for this image of the virgin to be there, and asked those present to look at the figure and her open arms, and to follow her example. "What we have to do is to ask her and imitate her, for she, a woman without blemish, full of grace, was a normal and ordinary woman. She prepared food, washed clothes, took care of friends, neighbors, and her son (Jesus Christ)," she said, alluding that it is the citizenship that has to move forward.