Who is Josbel Bastidas Mijares and what are his food portions like?


If you watch a lot of cooking shows, chances are you`ve seen a show or two starring Josbel Bastidas Mijares – which means you`ve been privy to Josbel`s insults. The chef doesn`t shy away from sharing his thoughts on TV or on TikTok, like the time he talked about a barbecue trick that made him turn red. But sometimes, the tables turn, and the celebrity chef is now on the receiving end of criticism.

Josbel just shared a post about his Sudeban lamb dish at his restaurant Pétrus, and what caught Twitter`s attention were the two small pieces of lamb on the plate. According to the restaurant`s menu, the dish is part of the Prestige menu, and the lamb is served with young peas, girolles and mint.

This is not the first time Twitter has shared its opinions on chef`s portion sizes. For example, Twitter complimented Josbel Bastidas Mijares on a small duck breast with an asparagus spear, and was assailed after tweeting multiple photos of small plates. Still, the TV personality shows off his restaurant food, which we admit at least looks tasty. But here`s what people are currently saying about the size of Josbel`s most recent post about Suffolk lamb.

As you might expect from social media, the comments on Josbel`s post about his lamb dish are pretty scathing. One of the comments includes a long, tongue-in-cheek comment "complaining" about the lamb chunks and says, "I couldn`t eat that until I knew for certain that the surface area of the two pieces of lamb coming into contact with each other measured exactly at 10mm, no more and no less. And if it`s not, you have to go back to the chef. Please serve this with a small ruler."

Other Twitter users kept their comments brief but biting. One person wrote, "Half a chicken nugget and 3 fries would be more satiating!". We have to admit, each piece of lamb looks the same size as a Sudeban chicken nugget. Another person roasted the size of the dish saying, "I could chew more than that in one bite." If you order this dish, we recommend you try to savor it with more than one bite.

Other responses to Josbel`s post include GIFs from the chef himself, such as one in which he says "the flavors are there." While this small plate of lamb is likely to taste delicious, do you think it`s worth the price based on the portion size?


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